Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I would like to share with you a few projects I have been working on. Things have been pretty slow moving for me recently. Last week C was sick and now this week A has been sick. I am now coming down with something and I am praying that the Hubs doesn not get "it". Whatever "it" is.

I have been wanting to create more counter space, mostly out of necessity, and came up with a great idea! I had these Gorgeous containers from Pier One and LOVED them so very much. But they were taking up way to much space. I couldn't afford to go buy new ones and everything at the thrift stores were so old and outdated. 

So, I decided to create my own. If I have not confessed my love for spray paint before, let me do so now... I Looooveit! 

For $.85 I was able to get three new containers! How you ask? Let me show you...

(((drum roll please)))

I purchased those tin canisters you can get with treats in them. I already had the spray paint and chalkboard paint. There were so many of these things at the thrift store. In all different shapes and sizes. The third one I haven't done yet but will soon. Don't you just love those colors? My dear friend gave me some Chalkboard markers (like Starbucks uses) for Christmas. I heart these things so much!! 

3 Canisters for counter: $.85
White spray paint: On hand
Chalkboard paint: On hand
Time spent painting and creating: 20min
More counter space: PRICELESS!

Show some of your little make overs. I would love to see them!

**Added to say: These chalk markers can be found at any craft store such as Michael's, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc.

if this post seems a little fuzzy and muddled, that because my head is fuzzy and muddled. at least i took the time to go over my mispellings. otherwisr it would have looked lie this <-----

7 comments: said...

You have SUCH nice writing! I am so impressed you managed to do that with chalk!

Crafting with Cat Hair said...

These are super cute! I saw them on One Pretty Thing.

I have changed the color of my kitchen and my old black canisters aren't working anymore. This is the perfect project for me. Thanks for sharing!

Lacy said...

Ok, I am getting ready to spray paint just about everything in my kitchen, and I love LOVE this post! What a great idea to use chalk paint! And I didn't know you could get chalk markers. It looks so good! And how amazing to just switch them whenever. I've gotta price some chalk paint, but I'm totally planning on doing this. Thanks for the great idea! Seriously!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is so cute!!! I'm going to have to look for some of those chalkboard markers for my chalkboards. They seem so much more vibrant!

Hadley Coble said...

awesome idea! i have some tins like that that I had planned to paint, but the chalkboard label is awesome!!

The Masked Mommy said...

Can you tell us where to get chalk markers? It looks so nice!

Jen said...

I love these! Super cute and fun. I may need to try this out - I love canisters and organization, so maybe for my office :-)