Friday, December 10, 2010

Joy Burlap Banner

I have been wanting to make a burlap banner for awhile but just never got the gumption to get it going. 

 I decided I wanted a cute burlap banner for Christmas and so I set out to make a rather versatile one. 

 My Christmas color scheme this year is cream/white/burlap, with some turquoise thrown in. Think lots of texture! 

 My DD's middle name is Joy so after Christmas I can put it in her room and enjoy it for longer than a month!

Not sure I'm liking the ribbon used to hang it, that may be changing. 

But for now. I'm enjoying my stenciled burlap banner.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Lovelies For Christmas Delivery

I would like to introduce you to some dear lovelies. Won't you please meet:

Aren't they just darling! These beauties are some of my favs, and I have been wearing them every day! 

I kinda wish I had more than one set of ears, ya know, just for the sake of being able to wear all of these at once {cuz I'm just so in love with them}
If you find yourself smitten, you can always head to The Shop and order up some lovelies. But remember, last day to guarantee Christmas delivery is Dec. 16. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chic Christmas Wreath {On The Cheap}

This is a super cute and super frugal Christmas wreath. I just got the idea in my head for the colors and since I already had the turquoise yarn, it was a done deal!

This wreath cost me all of $1, because I already had most of these items on hand. But, if you had to buy all of these things to make this wreath, it would still only cost you a few dineros, like only 4 or 5 of them.

You will need:

Wreath Form {found at the $ store}
Yarn {your choice color}
Head Pins or glue
Fabric -to make the yo-yo's
Needle and Thread
Glitter word {$1 at Walmart}
Hot Glue Gun {to attach all items to the wrapped wreath}

Wrap the form with the yarn several times, until the form is no longer showing {I used flat head pins to secure, but you could also glue} and make sure the ends of the yard all meet on one side

Once completely covered I added a few funky wraps to give it some texture

Make as many yo-yo's as you would like to add on and decorate with your glitter word as well.
{If you don't know how to make a yo-yo, simply google it, there are so many tuts on them}