Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Crazy Amazingness

So I'm sure many of you will be out getting mauled by the crazy crowds trampling over you for the one crazy deal out there on Black Friday...but for those of you who will be home, or for those who still feel the need to shop after the recovery of a few lost limbs...

Our Daily Chocolate will be having it's very own Black Friday sale!

This sale is super awesome! Why you ask? 

Well, since you asked...I'll tell you!

Each hour will have a different sale/promo going on. 


That's right! Each hour will be some different way to save, and by save I mean you won't have to spend nearly as much moolah for that awesome product you want Oh! So! Bad!!

Each hourly sale will be announced on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure you're following so you don't miss out.

I don't want to give anything away, but I'll tell you this...

The first 10 customers will get something Super extra Special in their package!!!
And the first 5, something even more special!

That's on top of the Super Crazy Amazing sales!

The first hourly sale will be announced Friday morning at 9am 
{to give all you black friday shoppers a chance}

Oh ya, did I mention there will be some super fun new product?!

Oh, I didn't? 


Saturday Craft Show :: Black Friday

This past weekend I was in a craft show. I normally stick with the juried shows as they have high end vendors and I know that the vendor set up will look nice and professional. 

I was contacted by a local to see if I wanted to join their show as they thought my items would "fit well". She had an etsy shop with some cute little items so I thought why not? It's close, there will be local vendors, and it's a chance to get my name out there locally.

Let's just say that when I got there to set up, my first thought was "Oh boy, this is gonna be a looooong day!" My items couldn't have been more 'off'. But, I had a good time, met some locals, made more than my table fee, and had a break from Mommy Duties. So I can't really complain. "Will I be doing the show again next year?" "Um, probably not."

 {New headbands, these went like hotcakes!}

 {Frames, Earrings, Memo Boards}

 {Glass Tile Pendants}

Funny story with this picture. There was 3 young children walking by, all aged between 8-10, 2 boys 1 girl. The boy pointed at the "butt" of the mannequin and giggled and the little girl, who was the oldest, exclaimed, "That is SO INAPPROPRIATE!!!" That made the whole day worth it!

 {Rosebud Earrings}

 {Rings, Frames, Notebooks, Hair Pins, Necklaces, Peonies}

{Crown Magnetic Memo Clips. Headbands, Rings, Earrings, Pillows, Frames, Boards}

I was incredibly low on inventory since the week before I had a Humungo order that left no time to craft items for the show, but it still went pretty well. The husband wanted to know why I was even bothering with the show...I wanted to at least make my table fee back and there was No Way I was going to give up a day off from the normal!! :)

Plus, Kristen from LoveFeastTable came to visit me and we got to chat for a little bit, and I met one of her friends {who is a hoot! wish she had a blog...}.  

Now to get the shop ready for Black Friday sales!!!

I will announce the deets here later tonight. Be sure to like on Facebook and follow on Twitter to keep up-to-date. So many different Uh. Mazing deals going down. You will Not want to miss these!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winner of The Bead Girl Giveaway

Winner if the $40 shop credit to The Bead Girl is....

Deb! who said she would love this

How appropriate!! :)

Deb, email me and we'll get your winnings squared way.

Winner chosen via Random.org

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun :: Traditions

Since I am delayed in getting my newest project up {hopefully up tonight} I thought I would show you a few pics from the past weekend!

Super Hero {in Disguise}, Mad Scientist, Lil Black Kitty Cat, Mama Cat

Aren't they just the cutest things ever!?

 We always walk around our local Historic town before hitting the neighborhood. We start with the free drinks!!! then move to the yummy coffee...

 I loved how she looked running back to us after every house! {bad pic, but you get the idea}

She was so thrilled she got to wear black kitty nails!

There was a house this year that offered "grown-up" treats, can we say "warm yummy schnapps!" I wasn't cold after that :)

The night was so wonderful and we had a blast! 

I have the best family in the whole world!
Yes, it's true. Hate to break it to ya.

We were truly Blessed with an amazing evening and I am so thankful for the wonderful memories/traditions we've created for our children to carry on to their families!

Eclectic Whatnot Winner

Wanna know who the super duper lucky duck winner of the awesomely amazing $25 giveway is?! 

You do??

Are you hoping it's you?!

Well, if you're Ellzabelle, then you are one lucky duck! 

Congrats to you! Shoot me an email and we'll get it all squared away

For those of you that did not win, go and 'Like' Eclectic Whatnot on Facebook. Ruthanne posts giveaways going on so you can have another chance!! 

How cool is that!?

{Winner chosen via Random.org}

Want a chance to win something else?

Of course you do!

Last chance to enter The Bead Girl {Lisa} giveaway! Closes at midnight tonight.

Some seriously cute stuff!

So go on and enter, it will make you feel better after losing not winning this giveaway!