Monday, December 29, 2008

Unexpected Vacation

I must admit that I did not put two-and-two together... the hubs is off from work until the 5th... he enjoys the computer... and mine is currently down... and I like to blog... hubs likes the computer... he is off till the 5th... (ok, more like 7-and-7 together) See the problem here?!?!

 It is 11:23p.m. and I was finally able to sneak some comp time. He has been obsessed with reading reviews of these electronic devices we are apparently buying "very soon". Silly boy. He NEVER gets fun comp time so I can't really blame him, I just need him to... leave it alone and go back to work and use the one there because he is taking up my precious valuable comp time in which I ignore the children and let the house fall into ruins and forget about dinner and don't bathe and so now because he is here I have to face all of those things and actually do my job which is not nearly as fun as talking with all of you wonderful bloggy friends and of course I am faced with sweeping and mopping and laundry a pile so high you could climb to the moon...

(yes, I am venting in a silly over-exaggerated kinda way-but you get my point)

So, I am taking an unexpected vacation and may not be able to post anything of consequence until that blessed day hubs goes back to work, er, I mean, until that sad day where I will be left alone to blog to my hearts content, uh, I mean, the 5th. :-)

Seriously, I absolutely adore the hubs being home so I am milking it for all it's worth. We have had  such fun since his vacation started on the 23rd. Such wonderful cuddle time... so that is where I will be until the 5th. Snuggled nice and safe and warm in my hubbies arms, enjoying every moment of it. 

See you back here on Monday January 5th!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! May you find many Blessings this new year, and many more opportunities to Bless others!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel...

I hope every one of you has a wonderfully Blessed Christmas this year! I look forward to sharing more ideas and pictures with you in 2009! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crayons are fun again!

Ok, so they always were, I just needed a title for this post. Here is the gift I made for my sons teacher. This was so incredibly easy! 

Picture frame (w/ ugly picture) $1.50 from Thrift Store
Spray paint to make it black $0 (on hand)
Paper with printed name $0 (on hand)
Crayons to make the initial $1.65 (includes Tax)

Grand Total: $3.15 for a cute teacher gift

Of course I also gave her a few of the other handmade items. I just j=hope she likes them all. :-)

I posted the picture idea for those of you "CP's" (Christmas Procrastinators) still in need of a gift. I thought this idea would be really cute with your childs handprint and their name down the side, or a paw print or a photo of something you like doing with that person and the title down the side (or the bottom or top). The ideas are endless. I hope that this idea sparks some ideas in your wee little head. Good luck and have fun "CP" crafting! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


Here is another gift I made this year. I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I would have rather framed them but for the sake of the cost, this was the better route this year. 

All I did was take a side profile photo of each of my darlings and upload it to my computer. Then I had my WONDERFUL Graphic Designer Hubby outline the photo and fill it in. (I think I would die if my husband ever changed professions. He really should start charging me. I use his services more than all of his clients put together!) He uses CS3 and this is incredibly easy... if you know what you are doing. :-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Soap Ball Surprise!

Ok, here is another quick, easy, and INEXPENSIVE gift idea for your little ones (or big ones). 

Everything you need can be found at the Dollar Store! 

Here is what you need:

3-Pack of Soap (Ivory) $1
2-pack of bouncy balls $1 (or any other water proof toy) (though, after this project I found the same balls in a 3-pack at Michael's Dollar section) !!!!!!! And they had more variety!!!!! 
Water (from tap)
Food Coloring (on hand) Optional
Cheese Grater

Take 1 bar of soap and grate the whole thing. My little ones used the BIG grater- it has a safety so they can't cut themselves. Put it all in a medium bowl. Measure no more than 1/4 cup of water. If you want to change the color of your soap add the food coloring to the water first. Slowly add a small amount of water. Start "smooshing" it up into a ball. If it is too dry add more water. I never use the full 1/4 cup, it's just a measurement that I like I guess. 

Once you have it shaped like a ball insert your finger and make a hole. Drop your toy in and reform your ball around it. Set on wax paper and let dry at least overnight. 

*When I made my own (because they are THAT fun) I used the teeny tiny grater and it looks just like a snowball. You get a finer grate so it is much smoother.

She had a baby snowball...

She doesn't like to stay in once place too long, she's the traveling sort...

She likes the City Lights...

She has an old world spirit...

She has it in with all the important people...

And she finally stop to take in some sights...

Gift box #1

***I just posted a tutorial on how to make these soap balls, Super Easy!***

Here is a box I made for my son to put a gift he made for a friend. It's a soap ball surprise. Inside is a hidden toy. My daughter made one for her friend as well. They also made these for their cousins. I think they just had too much fun getting their hands all mucky and such. :-)

Gift Box Tutorial Sprinkled With An Apology

I really didn't forget about you! Things have been pretty crazy here and even as I am writing this I have an overwhelming urge to jump up and do more, because there is still so much more to do. Did you know, I haven't even sent my parent's their Christmas package... and they live in California! It will obviously get there after Christmas. Ugh! With an all handmade Christmas, I have been busier than usual. Though, I am enjoying every moment of it. 

So, as promised, I have a fun tutorial for you. This will come in handy for those special gifts you have that are just too good for any 'ol bag or box. And they will fit those magnets and pendants perfectly too! :-)

Gift Box Tutorial:

You'll need two pieces of Square paper (I used 12x12) and either a bone folder or a finger nail. If you don't have either I'm sure a willing friend can help.

Take the first piece of paper and fold it into a triangle like this 

Be sure that all creases are sharp and the lines are precise. If you are anything like me, you will make sure to take the extra half second and match your edges up perfectly because you are just anal that way. 
Open your paper, turn, and fold the other corners together so that when you open your paper you will have made an 'X'.

Now, take a corner and fold it to the center of the 'X'. Do this with all four corners. Shown below.

Now, take a corner and fold it over the line closest to the opposite corner (shown in the photo below). 

Do this with all 4 corners.

*you can click on any photo to enlarge*

You now want to fold every tip to the first line (shown below)

Do this with all 4 corners.

Now, take two opposite sides and fold the tips to the center like so,

Once you have done that you are going to fold the sides up, like so,

Now you have two sides. With the 1st square on one side you want to fold it IN diagonally as shown in the picture below.

Do this to all 4 corners so your side look like this,

You now want to fold the other sides inside to form the box (shown below)

Now you have the top to your box!

To make the lid, you will fold the next piece of paper the same way, only you want to leave a small margin to trim off. DO NOT fold the corners tip to tip. (as shown below)

Cut away that extra bit. This does not need to be precise. I think I might cut off about 1/4 inch or less. You just need it to be slightly smaller so that it will fit inside the lid.

Enjoy your Beautiful box! I use regular scrapbooking paper. But origami and cardstock will work great as well.

**I could have made 4 boxes in the time it took to write this post!**

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have another tutorial for you today. But, in the middle of doing it, my camera died. So I am waiting until their is enough juice to keep it on to take the last 3 pictures. Check back soon, I will have it posted in about an hour. 

See you then. :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Opinion Needed and An Attack



Oh! There I am! 

I know I have poorly neglected all of you wonderful readers. I apologise greatly for that! Would you believe the reason for my absence was... a herd of wild rhinos attacked my living room? No?!

How about a pack of wild daughterwurbe neicewurbe with packingitz peanutitz! What? You've never heard of a daughterwurbe neicewurbe with packingitz peanutitz? Well, you're in luck, because I just found an incredibly rare photo of said creature(s). I am willing to share with you, but you must prepare yourself, it's not pretty! Please, be sure you are sitting. I would hate for you to fall over into your computer, stomping it's life out, thus leaving you with the inability to continue drooling over this Wonderful blog!

Are you ready? Well, if your certain...

I have no idea how they got into my home, but I promptly set up a "safe" trap and gathered the leader to be shipped back of to it's home.

It seemed very willing to go and didn't put up a fight. Which made it easier for me. I wasn't sure where these guys came from so I didn't know where to ship. 
Do you see that cute face? These creatures were actually very friendly... so... I decided to keep it... er... her, I stand corrected.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

On to the real reason for this post. I have not quite finished the pillow yet and need your opinion. I have had a few people give me theirs, but I need more. 



I need to know, should I do a blanket stitch around the pillow? I am torn! Ack! The decision is killing me! I need this to look really good because it is a gift for the hubs grandmother, and her taste is PERFECTION! :-)

Please give me your comments, suggestions, ideas, 1t born, oh wait, no, hahaha, just a yay or nay, whatever. I need some input people.

Thank you!

**Please note, I did not pick the carpet in my home. We are in a rental and the owner thought that blue would great since it would match most peoples furniture. Um... WHAT!?!?! Not only that, he bought "office" carpet so that stains won't be so obvious. The previous people living here (his son and daughter-in-law) TRASHED the gorgeous plus cream carpet. :( Boo hoo says me. But I know I am Blessed with this home so who cares about the carpet? Right? Right? Oh well.

Scrabble Tile Pendant - A Winner

Using Custom  Random Number Generator, I have selected a Winner for the Scrabble Tile Pendant. 

*Drum Roll Please....

Trish from Ketelcopia said,  "I can not live without this pendant, because I have a chain, but no pendant! :) I love it and it would wake up my jewelry "wardrobe"!". 

Congrats Trish! Email me with your address and I will get this in the mail either today or tomorrow.

Also, check out Trish's blog, she is hosting a giveaway as well!

Thank you all who entered! Check back soon, I will have more goodies for your freebie pleasure! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scrabble Tile Pendant Give Away

I have a wonderful opportunity for you today! A chance to win this Scrabble tile pendant! Yay! Oh, I knew you would be excited!!

All you have to do is leave me a comment as to why you can't live without this pendant and I will draw a name on Sunday. You get an extra entry if you post this give away on your blog. That is TWICE the opportunity for a chance at this. I know, I'm great at math! :-) You must let me know somehow that you have posted this on your blog for your extra chance to win. If you do not have a blog please leave your email in your comments so that I can contact you should you win. If you do not have a blog and want a second chance opportunity as well, just subscribe to my feed and give me the secret code. 

Good Luck and check back often for more great tips and ideas!

Oh ya, the contest is for the pendant only, not the chain.