Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Star Tutorial

Want to make that beautiful star up there?! Yes? Of, course you do. I knew you would!

Here is a photo tutorial to help you along your way. For argument (and time) sake, I used two different stars, one that I already made (above). And the other to show you  the beginning steps.

Start with your supplies. You will need 6 pieces of square paper (4x4,5x5,8x8-whatever you like), scissors, tape, and stapler.

Fold your paper in a triangle by joining two opposite corners together.

Next, you want to make even cuts up toward the center. You want these to meet but NOT touch. Also, these do not need to be perfect or exact. I tried it both way and you cannot tell the difference. Trust me! (I spent an hour doing one with perfect lines and it looked the same!)

You are then going to lay your paper unfolded so that you are looking at a diamond.

Now, in the center diamond, you want to fold the two point into each other. Like this: (see why I need a photo tutorial) :-)

You want to do the same thing with each diamond, only you are going to alternate which side you roll the corners. Like This:

Do that until each diamond is folded. Once finished it should look like this:

Follow these steps to complete all 6 squares. Once you have completed that you will take 3 of them and staple their point together at the top.

See, there is the staple. Notice how the sides touching are loose? Well, we are going to fix that! You want to staple each side touching, so they don't fall over.

See, those sides are tighter together now. What, you don't see?!

See that little staple hiding up there, he's holding it tight together so when you hang your star it won't flop all over the place.

Do the same thing with your other 3 and then staple the two halves together in the middle. Be sure to staple the last two sides together.

Your finished star will look like first picture.

If I have completely made your head swim with my awful written description, then I hope my photos have helped, and if not, then please feel free to contact me for further guidance and photos.

** I had my Sunday School class make these this past Sunday and they loved them! I also read them this 
as we talked about the birth of Christ. Next week I am having them make a manger scene. And yes, for those of you who do not know, I am a Sunday school teacher... in case anybody cares. :)

Enjoy your stars!


Pretty Organizer said...

Whew! Lady you are the orgami Queen! I love it! I'm sticking my 10 and 12 year olds on that job. If I'm lucky they can have my tree spruced up in no time!
Thank you - great pics.
Pretty Organizer

Teresa said...

wow- great. what a wonderful way to add interest to a Tree-

Jeannette said...

Wow The star is really lovely!