Friday, April 30, 2010

If I Had to Choose, I Would Rather

If I had to choose...

I would rather load the dishwasher than empty it

I would rather do anything in the world than laundry

I would rather craft than sleep

I would rather wash Thanksgiving dinner dishes by hand than clean the bathroom

I would rather read than eat

Ok, your turn.

Mommas Got A Brand New Pad!

iPad that is!

My hubby got it for me last night! And I am in lurve! It totally works for what I need.

So please excuse me while I go play with my Mothers day/anniversary present! *squeal*

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!

The winner. Of the super sweet giveaway, is........

Alicia of Making Time for Mommy!!! Just email me your addy and I'll get all these awesome goodies out the door and on the way to you.
{If you blogged about this contest and did not let me know here, you were not added to the list for a chance to win. Just be sure to let me know next time and you'll be entered!}

On a second note. We met our goal!!!! We have reached 150 in Earring sales in just 2 short weeks! Can you believe it?! It has been an awesome time with parties and making new friends.

That being mentioned, it's easy to see why I have not been here visiting with you fine folks. But we are over that hump so I fully intend to jump-head first into my pile of craftiness and get some things done to share with you all.

I never announced it, but there was a poll up in the top left column as to whether you all wanted tutorials with posts or not. Out of 8 votes, only 1 didn't want tutorials. I'd like to place it up there again so I can hear from you all. So let me know...

Tutorials on crafty posts? Or not? {poll in the upper left column}

Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Hurrah!

We are at it again. One last Hurrah before the contest ends.

Sarah Mae of Like A Warm Cup of Coffee is throwing a huge twitter party for our 10 For 400 contest.

You will NOT want to miss this one!

Some amazing prizes are lined up that will be given away randomly to those tweeting with the hashtag #10for400 during the party. The goal of the party?  To sell the last 59 Rose Bud earrings and be able to give away $400 to charity and $250 to you! Remember, the earrings are only $10 (plus shipping) and they make great gifts (one gal bought 29 to give as Christmas presents to all her employees!).
The Prize List (all prizes will be given away randomly to anyone tweeting with hashtag #10for400)

 Things like Gussy's Fabulous Checkbook covers (winner’s choice):

 A Flirty Apron (winner’s choice):

A cute coffee cozie:

A $20 GC to DallasDesigns:

A Personalized Wooden Monogram from October Belle Designs:

A Swatch Book by Heritage Maker consultant Angela Everett :

 Ya, totally amazing, I know! So go, spread the word, and meet us here at 9pm.We need to sell 59 sets if you want to win some moohla we want to meet our goal! Don't forget to tweet with hastag #10for400.

I personally can't wait for the fun to happen. See you there!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day?

It is Earth Day.

What are you worshiping?

The creation, or The Creator?

"Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created." Revelation 4:11 (NASB)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

65 To Go and Counting::10for400

You all are just so Fantabulawesomacious!

We only have 65 64 62 sets of earrings to go until we meet our goal! What goal?

Ya know, the CONTEST! Where one of you lucky peeps will win $400!!! to the charity of your choice AND $250!!! to spend HOWEVER you choose! Ya, That contest.

Want to enter? I don't blame you, it's a pretty fabulous contest!

Go get yourself, or your mom, sister, cousin, aunt, dad, uncle, random stranger, brother, WHOEVER, a super cute pair of earrings and be entered. All YOU have to do is purchase a set between now and April 30th.  Purchase between now and April 22 and you can take 20% off the bundle pack And still be entered into the drawing! Use the promo code ROSE20. The promo ends Thursday April 22.

You are super excited right now, I know, but hold on to your hats, cuz we are having a HUGE Twitter party Friday 4/23.

It all starts at 9pm est. You will NOT want to miss this. Prizes will be given away to you awesome peeps who tweet with the hashtag #10for400. How cool is THAT?!

So go, get some earrings, and enter the Best Contest Ever! Don't forget to use your Promo Code, and we'll see you at the Twitter party! Can't wait!!

I promise, the recipient of these will look just like that! Maybe with different hair, and a different nose, and a different smile...but they WILL BE smiling nonetheless! And I'm sure your box will be a lot smaller, unless of course, you buy them, say, 64 pairs.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Giveaway for Chocoholics::Current and New!

As you all know, we are having a great party right now. The 10 for 400 party is going strong, but we still need more sales to reach our goal of 150 sets of earrings.

If we meet that goal You, dear readers, will be entered to win $400 to a charity of your choice, plus $250 to spend on YOURSELF!!!!!

People, this is AmAzInG! {I just wish I could enter!} :)

BUT! But. I wanted to offer something super special to my current (and new) chocoholics. If you are currently a chocoholic (follower) or are a self-proclaimed chocoholic that would like to join the masses (become a new follower) between now and 11:59pm est, if you purchase a pair of earrings, you will be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to either Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Tuesday Morning. You will get to pick which one you would like.

The more earrings you purchase, the more entries you gain.

These beauties are only $10 a set! You can't even buy lunch anywhere for $10, so just go hungry, and get these loverly earrings! You'll be thanking me, I promise!!

*comment here that you purchased and I will choose the winner via
*This is open to current and new followers!
*Bundle Set counts as one entry BUT don't forget the promo code for 20% off ROSE20
*Don't forget you can post this 10for400 party on your blog to win $85 worth of loot!

10 for 400::$250 for YOU and $400 for your Charity

You want to win $250 to spend however you choose? AND you want $400 to go toward your favorite charity???


Join me and Sarah Mae of Like A Warm Cup of Coffee for the ultimate blog party.

What YOU need to do:

Purchase a set of rose earrings ($10) anytime between now and midnight tonight. When we sell 150* pairs, YOU will be entered to win a $250 Visa gift card, $400 to the charity of your choice* AND a FREE pair of earrings for a friend. Plus, Every purchase made today comes with a free gift!

EVERY purchase made on Monday will receive a free gift: Magnetic Memo Holders!

These are Fantastic for keeping reminders and coupons handy. I use them for each of my children to remind them of their daily activities. The list goes on for their usefullness

You know you want one! Go but some earrings!!

Want a chance to win more goodies valued at $85?


Just blog this post. You MUST link back to Our Daily Chocolate, Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee, and place the button on your blog. These three are required to enter the giveaway.

What you will receive: Wooden Frame (3x3), 2 glass tile pendants, 1 mini notebook, Wooden Sign 'hope', $5 Starbucks Gift Card, and $15 to spend in the Etsy store of your choice.

Leave a comment here telling me you posted this on your blog.

Interested in more chances to win some loot? We are also PARTYING on Twitter all day with prizes!!!!!!! Every few hours we're going to be giving out prizes and everyone who uses the hashtag #10for400 is entered - things like COFFEE will be included in the prizes!

{*Now through Thursday 4/22, receive 20% off 3 pack bundle with promo code ROSE20*}.

The details:
  • If we sell 50 pairs of earrings, the winner gets $200 towards their charity of choice, a $50 Visa GC for themselves, and an extra pair of earrings for a friend.
  • If we sell 100 pairs of earrings, the winner gets $300 towards their charity of choice, a $100 Visa GC for themselves, and an extra pair of earrings for themselves.
  • If we sell 150 pairs of earrings (the goal), the winner gets $400 towards charity of choice, a $250 Visa GC for themselves, and an extra pair of earrings for a friend.
*Charity approval is at the discretion of
*Contest ends 4/30 and the winner will be announced on 5/3.
*The giveaway for Our Daily Chocolate will end today and the winner will be announced on 4/21

Let the partying commence!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Altered Wall Hooks

I saw this idea on {I think} Fun to Craft. I thought it was so neat and super cheap, so I decided to make my own.

My hubby keeps complaining that he has no place to put his keys, so I made these into key-ring-holder-hooks.

I purchased these from the $ Store (I bought 4). The covers slip right off, which makes doing this craft even easier!

I took the covers off and sprayed the base/hook with my Heirloom White.

Then I just added some Mod Podge to the cover and placed on the back of the paper I wanted to use.

Trim the paper and slide the cover back on! That simple. You could seal the paper with your Mod Podge, but I just wanted it done. I'm a lazy perfectionist, what can I say.

A super cute, and super functional project for $2!!

{BTW, those are my keys, I'm the Sox fan} :)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Internet Company my Nemisis

So, we just moved a few weeks ago and had to have new service installed to our house. The previous service we had is not offered in our new area so I thought I would try a new company. That switch has been the most terrible headache ever!

We had Verizon Fios, which I LOVED!!! Love the company, love the service, have always had a decent customer service experience.

Then we switched to Comcast. I am incredibly, beyond words, disappointed with Comcast! We were supposed to have service installed April 1st between 7-10am. They didn't show up until 11:35. The modem he had had been reported stolen so he couldn't use that one. He tried 3 others, but none were working. He said he would go to the base and get another one and would be back by 1pm. 12:55 and he calls to tell me he will be there at 2pm. 2:25 and he is here. The 1st modem did not work, the second (5th) modem he tried was working. We had internet and so I signed the paper. 30 minutes after he leaves, I have no service!

I called Comcast and they said that someone would be out 2 days later to have a look!!! WHAT?!!! I just had service installed less than an hour ago and you are going to make me wait 2 days?

Now, of course, I was more than irritated. I made sure they credited me my install fee and they also credited me $20 for missing my time slot. BUT, less than two weeks later, I am out of service again, and had to wait almost 3 days for someone to fix my connection. And they offered me a credit of $4.80! Really? I was too upset to even argue. I just wanted it to be done.

Comcast customer service is TERRIBLE, so is there service! I will be switching providers. If any of you locals out there have seen the Verizon Comcast commercials, I am beginning to believe there is a whole LOT of truth behind them. For you non-locals, just think of the Mac vs. PC commercials, same concept.

I highly DISCOURAGE anyone who might be thinking of getting comcast. It is so not worth the headache!!!

*Thanks to all for letting me vent. :) I feel a little better*

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glittered Alpha Frames

I found these cute little frames from the $ store a few months back and just had to have them. I knew I could do something with them and it didn't take me long to figure out what that something was.

When I got home I quickly went to work on glittering some chipboard letters.

Then, I located cute coordinating scrapbook paper and trimmed to the size of the opening in the frame.

I then glued the letters on the paper and arranged them to spell my daughters name.

They look so sweet and perfect hanging in her room.

What a simple little project! For a total of $6 (for each frame) I now have a very cute and stylish decor piece for my little girls room. Love it!

You could spell any word or saying, I made one that says "CREATE" for my craft room. I love looking at it!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sleeping Cat turned Butterfly

I found this frame at my local thrift store and thought it would make for a cute project. The original picture was of a sleeping kitty. I have nothing against sleeping cats, but I didn't think it would make for a cute decor piece in a little girls room. I do, however, think that some butterflies are an essential part of little girl decor.

I first took the backing off (it was that brown paper that is glued to the frame) and then removed the "painted" image of the cat. I just covered it with some super cute scrapbook paper.

Then I took my MS butterfly punch and punched several butterflies in varying paper that coordinated. I glued just the bodies down so that the wings to be raised to give it a 3-D look. I just eyeballed my spacing...

I just love the way it turned out, and it goes perfectly in my daughters room.