Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Internet Company my Nemisis

So, we just moved a few weeks ago and had to have new service installed to our house. The previous service we had is not offered in our new area so I thought I would try a new company. That switch has been the most terrible headache ever!

We had Verizon Fios, which I LOVED!!! Love the company, love the service, have always had a decent customer service experience.

Then we switched to Comcast. I am incredibly, beyond words, disappointed with Comcast! We were supposed to have service installed April 1st between 7-10am. They didn't show up until 11:35. The modem he had had been reported stolen so he couldn't use that one. He tried 3 others, but none were working. He said he would go to the base and get another one and would be back by 1pm. 12:55 and he calls to tell me he will be there at 2pm. 2:25 and he is here. The 1st modem did not work, the second (5th) modem he tried was working. We had internet and so I signed the paper. 30 minutes after he leaves, I have no service!

I called Comcast and they said that someone would be out 2 days later to have a look!!! WHAT?!!! I just had service installed less than an hour ago and you are going to make me wait 2 days?

Now, of course, I was more than irritated. I made sure they credited me my install fee and they also credited me $20 for missing my time slot. BUT, less than two weeks later, I am out of service again, and had to wait almost 3 days for someone to fix my connection. And they offered me a credit of $4.80! Really? I was too upset to even argue. I just wanted it to be done.

Comcast customer service is TERRIBLE, so is there service! I will be switching providers. If any of you locals out there have seen the Verizon Comcast commercials, I am beginning to believe there is a whole LOT of truth behind them. For you non-locals, just think of the Mac vs. PC commercials, same concept.

I highly DISCOURAGE anyone who might be thinking of getting comcast. It is so not worth the headache!!!

*Thanks to all for letting me vent. :) I feel a little better*


Julie said...

Comcast business is much better for me now... but for a LONG time we would totally be calling to complain about the "comcastic" service.

Good luck to you finding a quick solution!

crush. blog said...

COMCAST has the WORST customer service EVER but Verizion's FIOS isn't available in our area. :(

Erin said...

FIOS isn't available in our area, either :( we have such limited options. we dislike comcast, too, so we went with another local company, but it's not much better. we're out of options now!