Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!

The winner. Of the super sweet giveaway, is........

Alicia of Making Time for Mommy!!! Just email me your addy and I'll get all these awesome goodies out the door and on the way to you.
{If you blogged about this contest and did not let me know here, you were not added to the list for a chance to win. Just be sure to let me know next time and you'll be entered!}

On a second note. We met our goal!!!! We have reached 150 in Earring sales in just 2 short weeks! Can you believe it?! It has been an awesome time with parties and making new friends.

That being mentioned, it's easy to see why I have not been here visiting with you fine folks. But we are over that hump so I fully intend to jump-head first into my pile of craftiness and get some things done to share with you all.

I never announced it, but there was a poll up in the top left column as to whether you all wanted tutorials with posts or not. Out of 8 votes, only 1 didn't want tutorials. I'd like to place it up there again so I can hear from you all. So let me know...

Tutorials on crafty posts? Or not? {poll in the upper left column}

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Congrats on selling all of those earrings! I bought some! (I just got a confirmation of the shipping too) :) YAY!

What an awesome achievement!