Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ruffle Wreath Tutorial :: $ Store Craft

I have had this idea in my mind for a while now and finally had the time to put it into action.{Please excuse the poor photo quality, I did this project late last night and wanted to make a tutorial out of it}

I totally love how it turned out! Want to know how to make one? Then keep reading!

You will need:
  1. Floral foam wreath from the $ store
  2. 100ct of white coffee filters {I used 99 on this wreath}
  3. Stapler and at at least 100 staples
  4. White Ribbon
  5. Fav ribbon (for hanging wreath)
  6. Radiant Rain or Shimmer Mist 
First you want to fold the filters in half  First, you want to wrap your wreath form in white ribbon, THEN fold your filters. Learn from my mistake!

Then in half again

Then in half again

Fold the tip up to where the ruffles start

This Next part is hard to put into words. You just want to start stapling them on and stagger them next to each other to that you don't have gaps...make sense? The very bottom row is the only one that will be in a straight row.

Keep working your way around the wreath until it is completely covered. 

Take your shimmer spray and spray over the entire thing. This really adds some more depth and charm to this wreath.

How perfectly sweet is this!? If I would have thought about this years ago, I would have used them as wedding decorations! Since I didn't, I will enjoy having it on the door to my bedroom.

This just makes me smile every time I look at it, and it only cost me $2 to make, which makes me smile even bigger!

I'm linking this post to CSI today. 

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sneak Peak at {just a few} New Items for 2010

As I'm sure you have noticed, I have been away from my blogging duties for about a week now. I have a show coming up this weekend so I have been working my little fingers to the bone {and getting sick in the process} to get product done and ready.

Here is a sneak peak at just a very small sampling of what I will be offering this year. Enjoy!

Very pretty blue damask print birthday crown

Don't mind the model with no make-up and messy hair, she's volunteer...{but do take note of how tan she is becoming!}

Black and White Birthday crown, with some beautiful sparkly bling!

This will be the first time I have offered anything for little princesses. Last year, at this particular show, I had several little girls who wanted things, but nothing was little princess friendly. Hopefully they will like these. 

Some Fancy Nancy pens, with lots of fun sparkle and bling.

Several different ones to choose from, just not all pictured.

Coming next week...
  1. Paper Rosette tutorial
  2. Fancy Nancy pen tutorial
  3. New items in Etsy