Tuesday, March 8, 2011

you can't beat a 5 year old

my daughter loves to play games, especially with me

one of her favorite games games is 'crazy creatures'

the game uses animal sounds to put together complete animals

but when the game piece that makes the animal sounds isn't working...

{because it takes cell batteries, seriously who has cell batteries just laying around}

be prepared to lose

she said we could just make the animal sounds ourselves...

such genius i tell you

I let her make all the animal sounds

for some reason the 'machine' only made the animal sounds she needed...

{let me say here, she did let me win the first round}

but soon after there were all kinds of rules to the game:

*her animals could jump over others

*mine were too slow because they were having babies

*the machine only made sounds for her animals to be complete

*my animals were to tired to move on

you get the idea

btw, i was the horse, if you hadn't figured that one out

that's where i was laying down because i was a 'momma' horse

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Have Butterflies!

i have butterflies, in the paper form. Not the oh-gosh-i'm-so-nervous-i'm-gonna-be-sick kind

no, i have the oh-gosh-they're-so-pretty-i-have-to-keep-making-them butterflies

meet 'emily'. so fun and flirty and femanine

yes, i have butterflies. but i didn't stop there

i have tags and envelope seals too

aren't they perty

oh, and these are fun too

need to know where to get these? just stop by my new shop

loads more goodies to come

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Bit Of Spring!

I am so ready for spring! Normally I am a hard core winter girl, but I am just so tired of being cold!!

While grocery shopping yesterday I spotted some of these beauties on sale. I grabbed a bundle and just stared at them the whole time while shopping. Kinda hard to do when you have to navigate a shopping cart and 2 wild kiddos, but it was just so perty, I couldn't look away!

Please pay no attention to the broken flower on the front the vase. 
Gah! I told you not to pay attention to it!! 

{The vase was at Michaels last season, only I spotted the last one, and they weren't supposed to have it anymore. So I got it for $.1!! Yup, a penny! 2 days after being the proud owner of such an amazing deal, my children proceeded to have an all out war on my bed, knocking it off my bedside table. Oh well, things happen. And yes, I still use it!}

Anywho, with all this yellow around me, I just had to create something spring like.

Aren't they just so sweet!?

And super fun!

I am loving the colors!!

Some are adhesive while others are not. Some are made with vintage french dictionary paper, while others are made with cardstock.

All of them, however, can be found in my shop!

They make the perfect addition to any party or project you may be working on.

Ok, enough of my shameless plug. Go, enjoy the warmth if you have it. Or bring some spring into your home to prepare for it!!

That's an order! 

Oh, and go buy some butterflies, that's also an order!!