Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Big 3-0

For Super Hero, not me.

No, that doesn't happen yet for a few more months. I'm totally milking the whole, I'm-still-a-twenty-something, for all it's worth.

Turning 30 is a big deal. You turn 21 and you know the only next big milestone birthday is 30.

I always plan big things for my man's day but his 30th got two days.

First, we surprised him with breakfast in bed along with his gifts. (One of them didn't arrive on time due to my perfect order placement timing).

Then he was surprised to walk outside and find his car had been graffitied on. Ok, he wasn't really surprised. This is more of a yearly tradition. (BTW, I'm the Sox fan. He was born and bread in Baltimore so he supports our home team, the Orioles).

Let me just note here, he is not as happy as he looks. I guess the "Birthday Stud" doesn't like all of his fellow morning commuters to know this about him.

Whatever, he's my birthday stud!

I then surprised him by kidnapping him from work. I brought a change of clothes for him which included a shirt I made to celebrate his turning 30 before me.

We went out for a sushi lunch at our favorite restaurant, Cafe Zen. They have the best sushi. Ever.

Then we headed to our local wine bar, Grand Cru, and grabbed a birthday drink.

  But the drink was for the hubs, as I was 30 weeks pregnant (with baby #4).

We ended the day with a wonderful dessert, baked and decorated by our 7 year old daughter.

I had the privilege of running to one of our favorite restaurants to get the much needed raspberry sauce for this special cake. If Super Hero is going to eat cake, it has to be dark chocolate and raspberry.

He thought that was all there was to his day. But little did he know that in two weeks, he would come home to a surprise birthday party. I was so thrilled I actually surprised him! His face was priceless. I was so caught up in the moment and enjoying his reaction, I almost forgot to snap a pic.

What are some special things you do to celebrate the favorite people in your life?