Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Things


So, I was on twitter tonight. Like, actually on it, not just the random post here and there, but actually spending time and following along and having 140 character convos.

I saw this thing on there tonight called #sixthings. I saw it from @MinkyMoo but I believe it was started by @amydpp.

Anyway, thought it sounded fun, decided to join. Here are my Six Things. And if you want to join in on twitter, just follow along and you'll be updated on the next #sixthings gathering.

1. My inner monologue is always in a British accent
2. I always forget that I have a very visible tattoo on my neck
3. The hubs and I always try to one-up each other with slang gangsta sayings...Fo Sho! Word! Yo Momma! Fo Shizle!  {don't be jealous}

4. I will eat an entire wheel of brie all by myself
5. I was featured on GMA last July in a segment on 'making $$$ from home' with @sarahmae
6. I secretly pretend I am a rockstar when the hubs is not home. Ya, I'm so cool

And there you have it. 6 random, but fascinating facts about yours truly.

I would LOVE to know a random fact about YOU. Please share in the comments or follow on twitter and share.