Monday, March 31, 2008

French Memo Board

So I was just sitting around one afternoon and saw this old bulletin board in the corner. I was going to throw it away (or try to give it away) but hadn't got around to it. Then an idea struck! I was always looking at memo boards to go on sale, then I realized, I can make one. And, I get to customize it to my liking! So I went out and purchased some fabric and ribbon. Here is the step-by-step procedure. It does not take rocket science to figure this one out, but those of you who are timid when it comes to crafting (but still love it), this is perfect!

Items Needed:

I first layed the fabric out on the fabric and cut the excess. Then started to pin it in place.

I made sure to pull the fabric tight as I went along, placing pins about every inch.

Then I just placed the ribbon where I wanted it, cut, and pinned in place.

Now, for the cute Buttons! I made these out of the fabric for the board, so they are cute and matching! :) I just adore these little guys! And they are Super easy to make, you can purchase a kit at any craft store.

So, now I have my buttons and I am just hot glueing where the ribbon crosses over. Very Simple!

Now you have a Beautiful French Memo Board to place your very pretty pictures on.

See how easy that was! Now go have Fun and don't forget to share with me!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I've been bad

So long since my last post. I have been out doors enjoying the Beautiful weather. I hope everyone had a Very Blessed Easter. Ours was so much fun and we heard such a Great message at church. Of course we came home and the children had their Easter egg hunt.
Audrey with her treats

Christian with his treasure chest

They had such a wonderful time

Last night I was going through my baby photo album to see if Audrey looks anything like my baby photos (which she doesn't) and I came across a photo of me with my siblings dying Easter Eggs. My husband asks "Is that why you always dye eggs?" It has been a long tradition with my family and it's FUN! He just does. not. get. it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Beautiful Weather

This past week we have had such beautiful weather. The children have been spending every moment possible outdoors. We've gone to the park, had a picnic, gone for walks (which gave us a burning desire for a puppy) lol. My husband and children have wanted one for ages now, I was always the anti-pup. But now, I reeeeeaaly want one too. So we'll see. My husband says the only one we would get would be an Airedale. This one is pretty cute.

My MIL was visiting yesterday and they have a Westie. The the children just adore him. We went to the park yesterday and they each had fun playing with him. I was lucky enough to get the cutest picture of my daughter walking the westie. It is by far the cutest baby/dog photo I have seen. :)

Isn't her trench coat just the cutest! Ebay special, lol. So we are outdoors again today, enjoying it while it lasts. We are supposed to get rain later today and tomorrow. But hopefully, before summer gets here, we will have our new pup and many great walks in the neighborhood will be had. I am getting excited just writing about it! :D

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How cute are these...

SHOES! :) I love shoes. I love shoes with a fox. I love shoes in a box! I saw these adorable little things and just had to get them. I think the real reason for my over excitement is that they say "Spring" and I am so ready for spring to arrive. Yesterday we had such beautiful weather. I started on some yard work (that needed to be done since the Fall) and it really put a 'spring' in my step. I have Cabin Fever BAAAAAD! Can you tell? lol :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Did you know that RED lip gloss could be used as hair dye? No? Me either! But leave it to my precious, adorable, wonderful, sweet, beautiful, (2yr old) daughter to discover its uses. She discovered that if you apply a big glob right in the middle of your forehead and rub your bangs in it, you will have fabulous red highlights. It also works great if you ever had a need to dye your skin to match. And it lasts for Days!
Rewind to the beginning of this story...I rarely get out of the house without children in tow. My husband-that darling man- called a friend of mine to she if she was available for a 'play date'-that's what they're called right? So, I leave the house. We go to a movie and grab a cup of coffee and chit-chat. I come home well after the children have gone to bed. Does my husband tell me that some Creature got into my (expensive) Clinique Lip gloss? NO! He waits for me to find out on my own.
The following morning, she wakes up and comes into my room with big "Gooooood Mooooorning Moooomy!" So I drag my (very sleepy-stayed out to late last night) self out of bed to change her diaper. (Ah, potty training-but that's a whole other blog). Yawning and wiping sleep from my eyes I change her. And nearly freak out! She has Huge red splotches all over her stomach and face. Her eye is red and looks puffy on the outer corner-OMIGOSH-she has some disease, she has the plague, SHE'S GONNA DIE!!!!!!! What do I do???? What's WRONG with her?!?!? I race to the phone and call my husband ready to tell him to get home now we need to get to the hospital! His response: "Oh ya, well, she got into your lip gloss lat night and put a big blob of it on her forehead and down her nose, then she tried painting her tummy." -SILENCE- Me: "And you didn't think to tell me?" Him: "I forgot." -More silence- Me: "!!!!!!!!" (Mind you, This is all before 8am) So after politely Telling my husband my piece of mind I hang up the phone.

So Lesson Learned: Buy the cheap lip gloss so that one may paint themselves with it and not tell mommy about it.

I will now be hiding my makeup!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm a beginner...

So, this will be my first blog entry-ever. I have perused many, drooled over some, and thought I'd try my hand at writing. My favorite blog to date is
I am not a writer, nor have I ever claimed to be. But the thought of writing grand things that people will cherish for centuries to that's a pretty cool thought. Oh I know these blog entries won't go down in history and join ranks with, say, Jane Eyre or even Harry Potter, but I do hope you come to find my entries entertaining at the very least.
I have created this blog as a place to write down my crazy daily ventures, possibly share some insight, or more closely known as: revelation revealed through temporary moments of insanity. Ya know, the kind that only comes after vegging out on a chick flick and eating a vat of chubby hubby. Those are best forms of insight, Ah.
So, please check back often as I plan to right everyday. Comments are always appreciated, I would love to get to know some of you. Until tomorrow, Have a very Blessed day!