Thursday, March 6, 2008

Did you know that RED lip gloss could be used as hair dye? No? Me either! But leave it to my precious, adorable, wonderful, sweet, beautiful, (2yr old) daughter to discover its uses. She discovered that if you apply a big glob right in the middle of your forehead and rub your bangs in it, you will have fabulous red highlights. It also works great if you ever had a need to dye your skin to match. And it lasts for Days!
Rewind to the beginning of this story...I rarely get out of the house without children in tow. My husband-that darling man- called a friend of mine to she if she was available for a 'play date'-that's what they're called right? So, I leave the house. We go to a movie and grab a cup of coffee and chit-chat. I come home well after the children have gone to bed. Does my husband tell me that some Creature got into my (expensive) Clinique Lip gloss? NO! He waits for me to find out on my own.
The following morning, she wakes up and comes into my room with big "Gooooood Mooooorning Moooomy!" So I drag my (very sleepy-stayed out to late last night) self out of bed to change her diaper. (Ah, potty training-but that's a whole other blog). Yawning and wiping sleep from my eyes I change her. And nearly freak out! She has Huge red splotches all over her stomach and face. Her eye is red and looks puffy on the outer corner-OMIGOSH-she has some disease, she has the plague, SHE'S GONNA DIE!!!!!!! What do I do???? What's WRONG with her?!?!? I race to the phone and call my husband ready to tell him to get home now we need to get to the hospital! His response: "Oh ya, well, she got into your lip gloss lat night and put a big blob of it on her forehead and down her nose, then she tried painting her tummy." -SILENCE- Me: "And you didn't think to tell me?" Him: "I forgot." -More silence- Me: "!!!!!!!!" (Mind you, This is all before 8am) So after politely Telling my husband my piece of mind I hang up the phone.

So Lesson Learned: Buy the cheap lip gloss so that one may paint themselves with it and not tell mommy about it.

I will now be hiding my makeup!

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