Monday, March 31, 2008

French Memo Board

So I was just sitting around one afternoon and saw this old bulletin board in the corner. I was going to throw it away (or try to give it away) but hadn't got around to it. Then an idea struck! I was always looking at memo boards to go on sale, then I realized, I can make one. And, I get to customize it to my liking! So I went out and purchased some fabric and ribbon. Here is the step-by-step procedure. It does not take rocket science to figure this one out, but those of you who are timid when it comes to crafting (but still love it), this is perfect!

Items Needed:

I first layed the fabric out on the fabric and cut the excess. Then started to pin it in place.

I made sure to pull the fabric tight as I went along, placing pins about every inch.

Then I just placed the ribbon where I wanted it, cut, and pinned in place.

Now, for the cute Buttons! I made these out of the fabric for the board, so they are cute and matching! :) I just adore these little guys! And they are Super easy to make, you can purchase a kit at any craft store.

So, now I have my buttons and I am just hot glueing where the ribbon crosses over. Very Simple!

Now you have a Beautiful French Memo Board to place your very pretty pictures on.

See how easy that was! Now go have Fun and don't forget to share with me!

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