Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paper Craft Wednesday

Getting back in my mode with Paper Craft Wednesday. :)

Here is a card I made for a swap I did for Mother's Day.

Thanks to Kelli for the design idea!

Matching magnet and envelope seal.

Below is the whole swap I sent to her.

I sent her a gift receipt so she could exchange the dish towels. She asked for these but not specifically in these colors. Hope she likes them!! :-)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We have a winner!

The random number picker -aka- my son, has chosen a winner for a lovely pair of earrings!

So, who is the lucky winner? who is the very fortunate person to win such a lovely pair of Incredibly Beautiful handmade earrings?!

Is is..... comment 4 - Deb from Jeremiah 29:11 who says "I must choose Sophie...because...I have 2 grandsons...Sam and Sawyer...and I've said we need a Sophie...and I'm thinking this is as close as I'm gonna get!! HA! HA!"

Congrats Deb, just send me your addy before Monday and I will get these off to you right away!

For those of you who were not lucky winners, there is still a special prize for you! Purchase anything in my shop (click here) before May 1st and it will be shipped for free. Just pay as you normally would and I will refund the shipping charges back to your Paypal acct. Thanks so much for all who entered!

Keep a look-out, new things are being added to my shop DAILY! through May 1st!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Items and a {Giveaway}

Today I would like to introduce to you to some new items in my shop.

Meet Lola, she is very energetic and loves to dance the night away!

Next, let me introduce to you, Gilda. She seems very timid and quiet, until she gets to know you!

Next we have Abigail, sweet, soft spoken, a true romantic!

And last but not least, Sophie. She is ready to have some fun and will always be there for you no matter what life brings your way!

I am so thrilled that you had the opportunity to meet the gang. What's even more exciting?! One of you lucky readers will have to chance to win one of these special "ladies".

Just leave me a comment telling me which "lady" you would like. I will have my little guys draw a # sometime Saturday (maybe Friday night!) :-)

Thanks for taking the time to meet everyone, until next time...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr. Linky Party

Kelli at There's No Place Like Home is hosting a paper crafting linky party. My latest creation for swapping was a card and bookmark swap. I love how this turned out. I had no idea in mind and the bookmark turned out especially perfect in my opinion. I just stamped the bird cage on there (b/c it's one o my favorites) and then I needed some wording, so I thought, 'escape' b/c you can escape in a book. But look hoe perfect that fit in with my stamp! I didn't even plan that. I love when that happens! :-)

Check out Kelli's Blog and see what other people are crafting. Lot's of inspiration there!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My recent swap

I love swap-bot. If you haven't checked already, you really should. So much fun!

The most recent one I was in was a profile swap. You get a partner and swap items based on what their profile says they like. Unfortunately, a member in the swap had their partner flake out on them (which sometimes happens, but the website is REALLY good at monitoring and banning). Anyway, I angeled for her and sent her a few things from Michael's I thought she might like, plus I gave her a card out of my shop and made her a journal (b/c she likes journals). Here is what I made her. She didn't specify what colors she likes, so I hope she likes this.

Blogging slump!

I don't know what is wrong with me. I have been so busy this week, yet I have nothing to blog about. Lots of fun neat things, but no pictures. We took the children to Medieval Times and all of my pictures got deleted! :-( That took a lot of air out of my balloon...

But just recently my dear daughter put some air back into my balloon. Since it's the first, not rainy and warm sunny day of the week, I decided to let them eat dinner on the front porch (where I could still see them you know). Well, my son decided he did not like his dinner and offered not to eat anything for the rest of night if he didn't eat his dinner. :) My daughter on the other hand, had eaten everything! So quickly too! When I asked her if she ate all her dinner she said "yes momma". Then I asked her again and she said she didn't like it. Then I asked her if she ate it anyway. After about 3 minutes of silly conversations with her trying to figure out if she actually ate it she eventually tells me she put it "down there" (pointing to basement).

What?! Where buggyboo?

"down here" walking down the steps...

Me: thinking* oh my gosh please tell me no...

her: right here momma

Me: You have got to be kidding me...

hubby: what did she do?


No, that is not a big terd, that is my daughters tuna potty, er patty -hahaha (which mind you, tastes identical to a crab patty). Super yummy!

Yes this was my evening. Inspiration? yes, I think I'll go make a lumpy brown card to match... lol :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lisa Leonard

Kimba at ASPTL is hosting a great Lisa Leonard giveaway. A $50 gift cert!!! Go check it out and leave a comment on her blog telling her which piece is your favorite. I love the Family Tree and Mama Necklace (which would be perfect for Mother's Day, May 10th).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My True love...

If I haven't professed my love for spray paint before, let me do that now...

I LOVE spray paint like a cat loves a new sofa!

Whenever I see something I like, I almost always spray paint to make it better.

Spray paint is a miracle worker, really, truly, it is!

Takes these picture frames for example. They were Uuuggelly! But, with a few coats of spray paint, some strategic sanding, and some super cute photos... Bada-Bing Bada-Boom!

So Pretty! :-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Robins Egg

I must have these! They are so adorable! I don't think I could allow anyone to actually use them. :-)

How cute would they look in an apothecary jar? Or in a vintage bowl?
So perfect for spring.

These (and other cuties) can be found at Bullet Home. They are reasonably priced, which makes them even better.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some Mistreatin'

I have been so very busy this past week (or has it been two weeks?) I have not forgotten about you dear readers. I have missed you all terribly. Ok, now on to more important things. :)

I have a cute little lamp (from Micheal's on clearance for $1.19!) that I keep on my cute little natural wood table (from an antique store for $4!). I heart this table because I can change the them out each season. For spring, I have a vase of flowers (yes they are fakes) in an adorable pink tin can with two birdies on it (free, it was a gift), a spring photo, a nest with eggs, and my lamp.

For this mistreatment, all I did was add some ribbon. To my lampshade. But not on the bottom. There was no glueing or sewing, or thumbtacking. I took a very pretty green ribbon with gold-ish swirls (the gold matches the lampshade perfectly) and just tied it around the shade. It really added something and I totally love it!

Now go find your ribbon and dress up your shades! :-)

p.s. I apologize for the awful photos, it is very rainy and gloomy in my neck of the woods...