Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Real Tutorial :: Fabric Rosette Headband

Sorry about the extra long Manana. The days just got away from me. Seems to be a pretty constant thing this past month. We have had such a busy summer. Our September will be even busier. We have plans every weekend that month plus we start school after Labor Day. Oh, and we're driving 12hrs to visit my in-laws. {I'm super excited about that trip}.

But you aren't here to listen to me talk about how busy I am. You're here for a {belated} tutorial. (which is very pic heavy)

So, on with the show.

You will need fabric, 2 felt circles-per rosette (which you can cut out of a sheet of felt), hot glue, headband, and an embellishment for the center of your flower.

When purchasing my fabric, I usually get 1/4 yard. I then cut it in about 1" strips (tear if you want the frayed look). Do not measure, just eyeball it.

Starting with one strip, tie a knot in the end. This will be the center of your rosette. Then glue that to your fabric circle. 

Cut your felt circle to the size you want your rosette to be.

You will then start to twist and wrap around, gluing the fabric to the felt every so often.

You can wrap loosely or tight, which ever look you like best. I prefer loose for the frayed rosette.

Once you are to the edge of your felt you will tuck the last bit of fabric underneath, gluing in place.

So pretty! Now you can add an embellishment to glam it up a bit, or leave it for a nice simple look.

Once you have finished blingin' out your rosette, you can glue it to the headband.

Nice and secure. Now you will glue your second felt circle to the back of the rosette to help secure it and keep it attached.

Do this for however many rosettes you wish to make. They are quite addictive so I recommend you have plenty of felt and fabric on hand. Fair warning.


Allison said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

More roses for this rose-lover!! Thank you for sharing! That looks like a fun craft to do with my girls sometime!

hair accessories said...

This headband is so cute! Thanks for sharing tutorial. I'll have to try this rosette! This will be perfect for some projects that I've been thinking about doing. :)

Laryssa Herbert said...

Very cute!

Momma said...

Awesome! I used this tute to add flowers to my daughters t-shirt! I linked ya up!