Friday, December 5, 2008

Fridge Magnet Tutorial

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Here is a very simple tutorial that is perfect for gift giving, stocking stuffers, or for yourself. These are so easy to make that you will find yourself giving them to neighbors, kids, random strangers on the street, and everyone will love you for making their home a beautiful place to be in! All because of your magnets! All you need is a free evening, lots of chocolate, and a few simple items. 

You will need Diamond Glaze, marble accents (found in the floral dept at craft stores), patterned paper, scissors, and a pencil.

Place a glass gem where you want the image to show. Trace the shape around the gem. You then want to cut the shape slightly smaller than the outline so there is no lip sticking out. Once you have it cut down pour just a very little bit of you Diamond Glaze onto the paper (make sure it is not too much or it will ooze out, yucking up your beautiful magnet thus making it not giftable). Press down on the paper to make the glue spread evenly.

Get your magnet and glue to the back (or purchase sticky sided magnets-it easier).

Viola! You have beautiful (easily made) magnets that you can pass on to your friends and loved ones. Now, get yourself creatin'! Homes are in need of your beautifying! 


caroline3746 said...

So cute and crafty! thanks for the idea!

Doreen said...

Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful and you are right...lovely gifts. My daughter is a college student and would love to make these inexpensive gifts for people. I will get the supplies and she will be able to make them when she comes home on break. Thank you so much for the lovely idea.

Take care,

Lori Ann said...

I did these in college & still have a few in my home here, all the way in China!

I linked to this post on simplemakes (see at

Thanks for the post :-)