Monday, December 15, 2008

Opinion Needed and An Attack



Oh! There I am! 

I know I have poorly neglected all of you wonderful readers. I apologise greatly for that! Would you believe the reason for my absence was... a herd of wild rhinos attacked my living room? No?!

How about a pack of wild daughterwurbe neicewurbe with packingitz peanutitz! What? You've never heard of a daughterwurbe neicewurbe with packingitz peanutitz? Well, you're in luck, because I just found an incredibly rare photo of said creature(s). I am willing to share with you, but you must prepare yourself, it's not pretty! Please, be sure you are sitting. I would hate for you to fall over into your computer, stomping it's life out, thus leaving you with the inability to continue drooling over this Wonderful blog!

Are you ready? Well, if your certain...

I have no idea how they got into my home, but I promptly set up a "safe" trap and gathered the leader to be shipped back of to it's home.

It seemed very willing to go and didn't put up a fight. Which made it easier for me. I wasn't sure where these guys came from so I didn't know where to ship. 
Do you see that cute face? These creatures were actually very friendly... so... I decided to keep it... er... her, I stand corrected.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

On to the real reason for this post. I have not quite finished the pillow yet and need your opinion. I have had a few people give me theirs, but I need more. 



I need to know, should I do a blanket stitch around the pillow? I am torn! Ack! The decision is killing me! I need this to look really good because it is a gift for the hubs grandmother, and her taste is PERFECTION! :-)

Please give me your comments, suggestions, ideas, 1t born, oh wait, no, hahaha, just a yay or nay, whatever. I need some input people.

Thank you!

**Please note, I did not pick the carpet in my home. We are in a rental and the owner thought that blue would great since it would match most peoples furniture. Um... WHAT!?!?! Not only that, he bought "office" carpet so that stains won't be so obvious. The previous people living here (his son and daughter-in-law) TRASHED the gorgeous plus cream carpet. :( Boo hoo says me. But I know I am Blessed with this home so who cares about the carpet? Right? Right? Oh well.

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frstyfrolk/Cyndi said...

I thnk Yes, blanket stitch it around the border as it would be an extra finishig touch! Just like you needed more work for the holidays!

Have funand HAppy Holidays to your family.
SMiles, cyndi