Friday, December 10, 2010

Joy Burlap Banner

I have been wanting to make a burlap banner for awhile but just never got the gumption to get it going. 

 I decided I wanted a cute burlap banner for Christmas and so I set out to make a rather versatile one. 

 My Christmas color scheme this year is cream/white/burlap, with some turquoise thrown in. Think lots of texture! 

 My DD's middle name is Joy so after Christmas I can put it in her room and enjoy it for longer than a month!

Not sure I'm liking the ribbon used to hang it, that may be changing. 

But for now. I'm enjoying my stenciled burlap banner.


Naomi said...

Well. You can bet your bottom dollar I won't be coming to your house any more. Burlap gives me the bajeebers...and no, I don't know if that's spelled right. Say it like bah-jee-burs. ;)

SheCrafty said...

I had fun crafting with you guys yesterday! This Joy banner is ADOrable!!! LOVE!