Wednesday, January 14, 2009



I finally took down the last of our Christmas decorations, which included our tree. All the beautiful garlands are down, the decorations, the lights, the TREE! :-( The Girl came down stairs wondering why I took her tree away... I tried to explain those silly Waste Management people, not too sure it really got through. But she is very excited to decorate one this December. 

So, now that all of the Christmas stuff is gone, I am diving head first into Valentine decorating. Only within the last two years has this holiday become a favorite of mine. I LOVE the colors and adore the hearts and swirls. The photos in this post are from two tags I made last year. I am just getting my *new* craft room all set up and organized, and am so thrilled to have a space I can create and leave things on my desk if I so choose. 

I will be back with a tutorial on how to make the first tag. Check back soon!

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