Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Creatin' Going On!

I have been super busy with earring making, but managed to squeeze some other creatin' in. I also have another project I am working on, so excited about this one, I think it's super cute!

So here are the few things I managed to work on this week (other than earrings!) :)

This frame was need of a makeover. I actually liked the finish of it, so no spray paint was necessary for this one. Shocker, I know!
Much better with that sweet little spoon. Don't you think? My sweet momma sent me a box of vintage silverware from my grandmother. I have many more pieces. I have a project idea in my head... we'll see how it turns out. I need the time first!
Next, was this super cute nautical ring. I used one of my fabric rosettes (from the previous post) and a cute little button that was given to me in a swap.
I just love how it turned out. So much fun.
I then went on a ring making craze! I created this little beauty! A slightly different style of rose from my earrings, but still the same cuteness! Only in ring form!
You all may remember my roses from before. I decided to make this one a ring as well. See? I told you. Ring makin' craze!

All of the rings are made using an adjustable band. You may or may not see them in my shop. :)

Hopefully I will have time this week to get more creating done.

What have you created recently?


Karen said...

That frame is really pretty! Super creative! Your rings are lovely as well. I have been making lots of cards this week and can't wait to hang my new garage sale finds (mirror and flower holder thingy's).
I love to create with paper and stamps!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Wow, you are amazingly talented! I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting and for your comments on today's post. I agree with you 100% about the connection between clothing and behavior. It's insane!! Now I feel like I need to start a movement, or a clothing line, or...? Thanks again for stopping by. Love your blog!

Rachel said...

Your work exudes cuteness-
I covet thy frame with spoon...