Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Mother's Day Gift Ideas

still need something for that special momma? so did i! i was actually ahead of the game this year...but when i went to use my sewing machine for my gifts...the silly things wouldn't work!

Which is really very interesting since i had just used it the day before on a test run and it worked just fine!

but never mind...we move on...or so we try

i had to rack my brain and think of something cute, simple, cheap, easy, and fast!
i finally thought of my gift idea last night. in bed. at 11:32pm. 

of course normally i would have jumped right up to get started...
ha, who am i kidding. i need my sleep people. 
but i did get up first thing this morning and start. or at least would have, if my 5 yr old hadn't been terribly sick.

eventually i did get my gifts started and let me just say that if you start these tonight. after dinner. after a glass {or two} of wine. or whenever you just "get to it". you'll still be done in time to gift them first thing in the a.m

that's how little time these gift ideas take. promise. 

ok, pinky promise.

1st up...

these adorable free printable posters
i stumbled upon these last night in my quest for inspiration.

i already had the frames, the ink and the paper.

this definitely met my criteria

cute. simple. cheap {free}. easy. fast.



i decided to make mini fabric rosette magnets

again, cute. simple. cheap {free}. easy. fast.

i already had the fabric and magnets


i needed something cute to put the magnets on

so i decided a magnetic memo/picture frame/recipe board would be nice

and last...

mini memo holders

these are great to keep near the computer, phone, fridge

and they are super simple to make

i finished these in very little time

and promise you can too.

{i'll even have a little tut for you on tuesday to make these. they are perfect for any gift.}


Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Wow, great ideas, I just love them! Bookmarking this for sure! I made some of the pinwheels, check mine out.

Jessica@MakeItLovely said...

Sooo cute! I really love the magnetic boards - that one in the middle with the gorg fabric - yummy! Found you from Flamingo Toes ;)

Anonymous said...

What cute ideas for any occasion really!! Love those little rosettes!

Marcy said...

Cute!!! All of it is so cute!