Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How-To Tuesday - Memo Holders

as mentioned a few days ago, i planned on showing you how i made these mini memo holders

they are very simple and require only a few items

these also make perfect gifts for teachers, family, friends, neighbors, really, anyone who can hold a pen

the supplies needed:
plastic picture frame 3.5x5 or 4x6 ($.95 at walmart)
fun paper
fun embellishments
square post-it notes (pack of 4 for $1.95 at walmart)

remove the paper insert, trace onto your pretty paper and insert into the frame

next you want to lay all of your embellishments on the frame with the pad of paper to see how you want the placement

once you see how you want it place, add your adhesive and place

i use double sided tape as it has a really great adhesive and won't show through the ribbon like glue would

i stamped 4 images of my elephant in order to add decorative balloons

i also added some glitter to his hat and the strings

now you have a cute little personalized gift

or make one for yourself

they're so easy you could make several in one afternoon

and just think, you'll have a ton of gifts already made, ready for the giving, at a moments notice


Babymama said...

How fabulous are these?

I checked out your etsy shop and love pretty much EVERYTHING.

Will stop by again for sure!


Ashley Ann said...

Thanks so much! You are too sweet! :]