Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day

yesterday was such a wonderful day spent with my family.

the hubs got tickets to the baseball game so after church we headed to camden yards

we had a blast and i ate a lot of sunflower seeds washed down with delish icy cold cola... yup, i sure did!

one thing we love to do as a family to go the baseball's just so much fun.

of course our favorite part is the food

er, where was i? Oh, ya, so we spent the afternoon at the game, then we went to get ice cream.

it's what was for dinner

cause i'm an awesome momma like that :]

then we came home and played outside for a bit

the weather was gorgeous

the boy went looking for another snake

i dragged him back to take a pic with his momma

he was dissapointed

but did a great job of hiding it

all in all, a pretty perfect momma's day

1 comment:

PinkGranny said...

It sounds like a good way to spend Mother's Day!. Glad you had fun.