Saturday, February 6, 2010

V-Day Project : : Tutorial

Since being snowed in with over 26" of snow the last day and a half (and it's still coming down), I have had some time to play with a few items I had laying around. This entire project was completed this morning and I spent only $ 2.26 (not including tax)

Start by gathering your materials. You will need:

Wood block (Michael's $.54)
Styrofoam heart (Michael's $.59)
Dowel Rod (Walmart $.34)
Bird (A.C. Moore Christmas clearance $.79)
Paint (on hand)
12x12 Patterned paper (on hand)
Mod Podge (or similar item-on hand)
Paint brush (on hand)
Glue (on hand)
Ribbon (on hand)
Metal Key Embellishment (if you choose)

Start painting your block which ever color you chose. I used Heirloom White. Then tear your paper in .5" strips. I did not measure this, I just looked to make sure it was as thin as I wanted it.
Use the mod podge (I have a love-hate relationship with this stuff) or whatever medium you choose, and start gluing the paper pieces to your heart. Like this:

Soon you will have a completely covered paper heart.

Next step is to grab your (or your honeys) drill with a drill bit large enough to fit your dowel rod. Center the hole on your wood block, unless of course, you don't want it centered. Be sure not to drill straight through as it will make it difficult to hold your dowel rod in place.

Once the hole has been drilled drop some glue into it and put the dowel rod in. I used Scotch Quick-Dry adhesive. I am In LOVE with this glue-it's holds anything, even metal!

Once that is complete, take the drill and just push it through the Styrofoam heart to make the hole, no need to drill it in. Again, add some glue and slide the heart onto the dowel rod. Let dry.

You now have a simple heart on a stick, we need to make it a little more festive. Tie some ribbon at the base of the heart and glue your cute little bird to the wood block. (At this point you can choose to add a key, I thought it looked pretty cute with the bird holding it in his beak. Just use hot glue when attaching it).

Once he is glued on there stand back, and enjoy.

You have created a fun little Valentine's Day decor.


Leslie said...

this is a really cute project!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Cute, cute, that glittered bird!