Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Box of Craft Goodies :: Keeping it Organized

I have shown you all how I keep the craft cabinet organized. This craft cabinet is for the items I don't mind my children getting into without my supervision/permission.

But then there are items that are only allowed to come out when I am there and can supervise. These items are out of arms reach. But how do I keep them all together in one easy-to-grab spot? Simple!

Below are photos of how I have organized these items. All in one easy-to-grab case. Perfect for art projects, everything we need is at hand in one location. Also makes clean up a breeze.

Items included are:
  • 2 pks Watercolors (I have two children)
  • 1 pack of oil pastels
  • 1 pack of chalk pastels
  • 1 small watercolor
  • 1 pack of paintbrushes (for mommy)
  • 4 other paint brushes for children
  • watercolor pencils (mostly for me, but my oldest will be using them soon)
  • 6 bottles of tempera paint
  • 2 paint trays
  • 4 paint cups
  • 2 pairs of scissors
  • 2 pencils
  • one paint marker (for me)
  • Pack of watercolor paper
  • Pack of drawing paper
  • Pack of construction paper
  • 6 mat frames for artwork
  • 2 plastic cups for water
  • One bottle of white glue
  • glue sticks

The container I found at T.J Maxx for $3. The little Christmas bucket was a gift from one my husbands co-workers (filled with candy). I figured since it's inside the container, it didn't matter that there were Christmas trees on it.

This works perfectly for us. I don't have to worry about items getting messed up, lost, or ruining my home. I love this little container.

Just seeing it all sitting there, together, makes me want to create. I mean really, just LOOK at those watercolors, so beautiful!

How do you store your art supplies?

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