Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Spy

With the end of summer approaching (faster than I'd like) the children tend to need some help keeping themselves busy.

I found this great game idea and decided to make it for my guys. They haven't put it down since! (Mommy just loves that)

The game is called "I Spy"

I used an empty water bottle and put 26 random items inside (beads, paperclip, safety pin, foamies, jewels, etc.). I then filled it up with bird seed and shook it up a bit. All of the items were then "lost" inside.

The goal is to see who can find an item the fastest. This is perfect for hot days when they just want to be in Air Conditioning, or for long road trips (or short ones).

I hope you get a chance to make one of these. There are several ways you could play. Be creative, and fun!!!
(sorry for the horrible photo)

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