Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

This weeks' Thrifty Thursday went pretty well! I have been looking for a (flower) frog for several months and just happened to stumble upon one today. It was only $3. 

There were two, but I only had enough cash to get the one plus my other items. I intentionally brought only $5. Can't do too much damage with that ;). I really want one like that up there. BUT! Mine is a vintage glass frog. For $3! These go for around $10 online. Here is mine.

I also found some other useful items. Yay! The clay pots are for growing flowers. My daughter (3yrs) always has to look at the seed pack rack at Target before we can leave. She can't wait to "water her own flowers". $.60 for 4 pots is not bad at all. I am going to let her paint them too. She is so excited. She will get two and my son will get two. He wants to grow peppermint and garlic lol! Peppermint, yes, garlic? Hmmm.... maybe he'll find a flower he likes. :-)

The green bucket was $.50. Too cute too pass up, perfect for spring and Easter. The two white baskets are for potted plants/flowers. They have a plastic bag lining. They are the perfect size for trash cans in my craft room. One on each end of the table. Great for catching all those paper scraps. 

The 2 pink candlesticks are for my shabby chic candelabra. 2 for $.25! 

All of my goodies came to a grand total of $4.85!

I'm pretty happy. ;-)


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love it when I find a bargain, especially if it is something I've been looking for. I bet your craft room is really cute.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Awesome finds! And I love all your paper crafts in the last post. Too cute!