Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm on the band wagon...

It's official, I am hurled myself into the Twilight band wagon. And I am NOT getting off!!! :-)

I can't believe I haven't read these books!!!!!!!!!

I read Twilight Friday night and am almost done reading New Moon (started that last night).

*Please do not spoil these books when leaving me a comment*

I am loving the story and I can't seem to read it fast enough. Now I can't wait to get my hands on the movie.

I especially love that this story is nothing crude or sexual in any extreme. I prefer to guard my eyes, mind and heart when taking anything in.

How many of you have been addicted?


Nikki V said...

Oh Welcome to the addiction!!!! I love, love, love these books!!!

Traci said...

I too jumped on that bandwagon late and just finished the last book about a month ago. They are SO good! I won't spoil anything but the books are 10 times better than the movie in my opinion.

Your blog is SO cute!!

Katie said...

Love the books! I started reading them all right before the movie came out and finished before Christmas. So so good. My favorite was the fourth one!

Melissa said...

I jumped on the bandwagon late too, finished them up in Jan. I thought with all the hype they wouldn't be that good, boy was I wrong! I borrowed the books & then I ended up buying them all. Don't forget to go to the author's website to read Midnight Sun, it was to be the 5th book but got leaked on the internet. She is supposed to release it but then I heard she isn't, so who knows. It is Edward's version of Twilight but it isn't complete. Also there are spoilers on her site so I wouldn't go there until after reading all the books. :) The movie comes out this Sat. I haven't seen it yet & I am worried that I am not going to like it but I am still going to buy it, lol. :) The 4th book was my favorite one too!