Friday, November 21, 2008

Out of the mouths of Babes

I just adore having conversations with my 2yr old daughter. She says the funniest things! This last night for example:

Me: Finish your green beans and then you can have dessert (apple crisp w/ vanilla ice cream)

Her: Jus one little bite? 

Me: No. You have to eat it all gone, take a big bite.

Her: Please jus one little bite?

Me: (looking at her plate, she only has two bites worth) Two bites ok.

Her: *places ONE green bean on fork* 

Me: You need to take two Big bites.

Her: But momma, if I take a big bite I'll CHOKE!

Me: Silent... trying desperately not to laugh... at her witty 2 yr old way of trying to get out of eating all of her green beans.

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