Thursday, June 5, 2008

Major Hiatus

It has been almost TWO MONTHS since my last post! Things have been VERY hectic here on the home front. My sister just arrived from California, so I am enjoying the new "babysitter" at the moment. :)
Just wanted to stop by and say "HI". And post a few pictures, of course!

These apples are just too cute. I purchased them at a yardsale for $1! :) That makes me happy!!

Yesterday the children were able to enjoy a nice quiet picnic in the front yard. They were so sweet just sitting there eating the sandwich's and picking wild strawberries-who could resist this photo op? And they actually LET me take the photos!!!

And this was the last picture I was allowed to take... :-)

As you can tell, it was very HOT!!! and super muggy. But fun all the same. Hopefully there will be more days ahead that allow for fun picture taking. Till then, have a very Blessed Day!

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