Saturday, June 21, 2008

In Celebration

Of the 1st day of summer, C and I made a "real" Pirate's map. Then we spent the entire afternoon looking for booty and deciding who would be the Captain-"Aarg!" Would it be Captain C? "Ahoy Matey". Captain A? "Arrr". Or Captain Mommy-no wait-mommy had to be the "enemy". "Avast there ye old seadog". We had such a wonderful time (though I never did get a chance to wear the Pirate hat).
I thought I would throw in a tutorial here for those interested in having their own Treasure hunting adventure. Avast Ye! (pay attention)

1st we start off with the the right items:
Construction paper
Paper Towels
(already brewed) coffee
Large Bowl
Felt tip pens/Markers

next, tear the edges of your construction paper to give it a worn look
Then, Crumple into a very tight ball -this helps with getting as many creases as that is what will really hold the stain

Now, carefully open the paper so that there are no folds. At this point you should have a large bowl filled with the coffee (make sure the coffee is not cold-I like mine fresh and HOT) PLEASE, be careful if using hot coffee-this will burn you. Use tongs to dip the paper in-no flesh. :)

I let mine set about 7-10 minutes. Now, here is the tricky part. The paper is wet, which will tear very easily. I drained the water out of the bowl leaving the paper. I then used my blow dryer to get the edges dry and the center dry enough that I could move the whole paper to a flat surface without tearing it in half. (as you will see-tears happen either way).

See, but the important thing is that it's not torn completely in half. :) This is now completely dry and I can then draw my map. Get a creative as you like, or just copy mine (Shhh...mine was copied too-with a few minor changes) :-)

Captain C "Gentleman of Fortune" ready to set sail!

So, I sure hope that fun for you. I know it was for us!! :) Let me know how you do on your maps and send me some photos. I would LOVE to see you creations ye lundlubbers.

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