Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


-This dream I had where Trinity wasn't really mine. I was just a surrogate who also had to nurse her for a few months and her momma was an old black woman.
-resting my arm on the attached-to-the-wall soap dish, the whole thing broke off...Super Hero asked if the sink broke in half. Really? What kind of activities do you think I'm up to in the there?
-tried on a dress from my closet and a spider was crawling at warp speed toward my face. Yes, I yelped, and flicked him off. Then I had issues with being in my room because I didn't know where he landed.
-During one of the many baby-likes-to-eat-every-45-minutes nights this week, I managed to put my nursing pad in backwards, so for her next feeding my whole left side got soaked. Did I change my nightgown? Nope! I just threw a towel on the bed and told Super Hero not to worry about the sour milk smell

-Science kiddo started scouts again this year, he is now a 1st year webelos scout and greatly looking forward to earning his badges.
-Chatty Boo has started ballet. She is not graceful, at all. Super Hero said something about getting it from some woman...but I didn't hear him.
-Went to a wedding to watch two people pledge their love for each other and to God.
-Mootshie Pie is growing so fast! Soon her double chinned, lumpy legged self will be in 3mo clothing!
-Watching my Science Kiddo and Super Hero break dance
-Super Hero and Chatty Boo, dancing sweetly together

What was awkward/amazing for you this week?

btw, got this cute aa thursday idea from this blogger!

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Mind of Mister said...

those ballet pics are precious! :-)