Monday, June 13, 2011

Party Hats :: Barbie

A few days ago, my sweet little lulu and I were looking on etsy {because even at 5 she can appreciate the beauty} and on the front page we saw a listing for Barbie sized party hats!

What 5 year old little girl could resist the beauty of those?! And what 5 year old little girl wouldn't want to have them for her very own!?

Certainly not my little 5 year old!

She ran straight for my craft closet and picked out her favorite paper and said "Here Momma, we can make some!"

And that is just what we did. And we had so much fun.

We invited some of her Barbies to a party where they were outfitted with cute hats, and were able to try a new recipe of raspberry cake and strawberry cupcakes.

I just love that she loves to play with barbies. I never outgrew them! I still love to play with them, but I mostly love accessorizing them. :]

What was your favorite thing to play with when you were little?


Tanya @ Greetings From the Asylum said...

Those hats are sooooo cute! However, you have also successfully created a "Barbicorn!" ;)

Lizette said...

This is the cutest thing ever!! Such a great idea, thanks for sharing :)
I'm the same way, they were my favorite childhood toy and I never stopped loving them. My daughter is only 2 so she doesn't know how to play with them quite yet, but she loves to carry them around and have me hold a barbie and make mine talk to hers. It makes me happy that she is showing interest in them :)

Marcy said...

Those are SO cute!! I loved Barbie's when I was little too, and I still do now. :)

Kate said...

That is awesome. I loved barbies as a little kid, but even then I remember being aware of how scantily clad some of them are. I'm kind of thinking I might need to learn how to sew little Barbie sundresses and ball gowns!

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