Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Countdown Project

Because of a certain conference {not naming any names here}, I was delayed in this post.

I had this super cute idea, and I actually implemented it! Amazing, I know. 

I had a few $ mailboxes from Tarjay left over and thought it would be really cute to make them into Halloween countdown treat holders!

 This is the front. One for each of my kiddos. {btw, felt very maternally inadequate after said conference, like I don't have enough children. :) One woman I met has 8 boys! and 3 girls!}

Side profile. When the flag is up, they have received a special delivery

For my science boy

And my whimsical kitty girl

 The back view

Special delivery!

I wanted to find all of the neat Halloween candy to fill these up with, like wax lips, gummy eyeballs, zombie finger-pops, pirate gold (bubble-gum), etc...

They love them, and ask me every morning, "When is our special delivery arriving!?"

After Halloween I have another idea for them! I reveal that 11/1. But, just in case you want to join me in this'll want to get yourself some of these, or other type of container you can embellish.

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PinkGranny said...

Great idea! My children are grown but I will still eagerly wait with a container ready to fill!