Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some Fall Goodies and a Tutorial

Two things I've worked on this week:

I am loving this Fall wall art. I couldn't decide if I wanted to add the word 'Harvest', 'Faith', or 'Give Thanks'. So I listed it in my shop with the buyers option.

The other items was this Candy Corn inspired wreath:
My kiddos were asking for something "Halloween-y", and I don't really have much in the way of Halloween decor. So I quickly came up with this this morning.

Want to know how to make one? It's super easy and {at most} will cost you less than $3

Supplies needed:
Dollar Store foam wreath
White crepe paper streamer
Orange crepe paper streamer

Wrap the wreath form in desired color.

Once that's done, cut several strips of each color crepe paper. About 4-5" long.

I alternated my colors, but you could put them however you like. I started with my top and then did the sides.

I decided to leave the center empty as it was just easier and my guys were begging me to hang it up "right now". I'll probably add more to it/change it completely. But it's super cute and works for them.
Just FYI, I completed this this morning in less than an hour...

Have you started you Halloween decorating yet? 
Is it too soon? 
When do you normally start?


Denise said...

the colors of my house do not mix well with fall colors. last year i painted a b/w polka dotted pumpkin, and that seemed to satisfy.

this year i am going to have my kids paint a tree on our sliding glass window, and we will add leaves to it through out oct & nov. with things we are thankful for.

(at Christmas we painted a Christmas tree added ornaments with names of people we prayed for during that month).

this wreath looks easy enough for even me to do!

Ann said...

Halloween decors is what my 9 year old son wants to buy when we go the malls these days. Nice wreath.