Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday :: Christmas In July

I have decided to reinstate my Thrifty Thursday. Also, I will have themed days throughout the week. This will help me with more regular posts, and I won't get stressed out about not having a new project everyday!

So the week will be:

Monday (whatever I post)
Tutorial Tuesday
Paper Craft Wednesday
Thrifty Thursday
Feature Friday:Etsy Edition
Saturday (whatever I post)

Having this schedule will also help hold me accountable when life gets too crazy.

So lets kick off Thrifty Thursday! This week, I'm featuring a way for YOU to be thrifty! 

Christmas In July!

Between now and the end of July you can save 25% when you purchase from Our Daily Chocolate Boutique de Papier

Now is the time to stock up on Christmas Gifts!

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Rose said...

Visiting from the Hop... these are beautiful items!!