Friday, March 12, 2010

Some of Our Favorites

We are a bunch of books worms over here. We could live at the library {if they had a shower... and a kitchen... and would let us}. We spend many hours a week there, reading, playing, getting school work done.

I wanted to share some of our favorite books with you. These books are so much fun, especially if you read with voices and sound effects!

This book is so much fun and my daughter asks me to read it a million times in one day. I think it helps that I read it with lots of voices and sounds effects. It makes it much more fun!

Again, great, especially with sound effects. This book is so fun. We love to see what will happen next in their adventure to get to the beach.

The Mercy Watson series is fantastic! These are my personal favorites because I love reading Leroy Ninker's voice, such fun!

Of course, no library trip would be complete without bringing home a Fancy Nancy book. We have read them all. Several times.

Another super cute book. this one is good for little boys as well because her best friend friend is Bumble Bee boy. too cute!

These books are great. It's a very fun way for children to learn these points in history. These stories are told with you being the main character. My son (8) loves to read these. My daughter (4) loves to hear them and look at the bright colorful photos.

These are just a few of our favorites I can think of.

We are off to explore our new library today. We are all so excited.

When was the last time you utilized your local library?


Catherine Anne said...

We too love books. Great post

Fleur de Provence said...

My daughter loves Fancy Nancy too. She also have the ladybug girl, cute book. I need to look into the others.


Rebecca said...

Hi Anna Sophia
I love that name btw... My grandmothers name was Sophia and I have a grandchild that has her name. We have gotten all the Fancy Nancy books, sticker books, dolls, purses, shoes etc... Soooo fun