Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am a dork and a video tutorial

I have had several people ask how I make my origami boxes. I wrote a tutorial here, but I have decided to embarrass myself and record me showing you how to be a dork, I mean, make a box.

Yes I am aware my head is cut off. What do you expect from a one-(wo)man show. :-)

I hope this helps those who care enough to watch. 

**Oh ya, I was going to upload this for V-Day, too late, I didn't feel like re-recording it** :-D


Tommie Jo~TJs Sweet Home said...

What a beautiful name you have! And your pic on the sidebar~~~so chic looking! '
(I cannot watch the tutorial (yet) I get distracted so easily and want to do EVERYTHING~my plate is so very full right now)

Anonymous said...

Very nice learning video.
Thank you for that!

Anna Sophia said...

Thank you for the sweet comments! :)