Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fabric Rosette Headband :: Tutorial

 Wednesday evening was spent making a special headband per my 4yr old DD's request. She wanted a headband like mommy's. I took that request to mean that I could make any kind of fancy headband I wanted. I had been meaning to make her one of these what better time than when she wants something totally different!?


I chose this fabric because, believe it or not, it's pretty neutral. It goes really well with almost everything in her wardrobe. Pink, green, navy, white, blue, red, spaghetti sauce, chocolate sauce, au natural... you get the picture. Plus, it's just cute fabric!

I used brads for the centers. I couldn't decide if I wanted something in the center of the two small rosettes, hence the one above with and the other without, hence I am too lazy to take a new pic of them both with, hence you get to see my laziness, hence...I'm all outta hence's.

I love the frayed look to these! I think it looks very beachy and summery. I was going to cover the headband, but she said "Nuh-Uh! I like it pink!" Fine,'s the least I could do.

Now she wants more, in other colors. She has been into my fabric stash and has pulled out SEVERAL pieces. I asked her which one she wanted and she said "All of them!" 

Of course.

So I promised her I would teach HER how to make them! Folks, these are so easy, a 4yr old can do them!

I mentioned a tutorial, didn't I? Why yes, yes I did. But you don't get it until tomorrow. Cuz I'm lazy remember! I didn't edit the you'll just have to wait. 

No-Sew Fabric Rosette Headband Tutorial


artydoll said...

Thats so pretty...

Rachel @ The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life said...

OOh!!! I want to make one for me, my daughters and me... {did I already say me?} :)

Can't wait!!!

I think I may where it to Relevant if it comes out well....

Alison said...

That is adorable! Think I might give it a go...

Just visiting from Home's Where My Heart Is and have become your newest follower. Can't wait to read more!


Janna said...

Hi Ashley! I found you from Erin's link to you, and I'm your newest follower! You've got me in total suspense, so I'll be back tomorrow to find out how to make those ADORABLE headbands!!

hair accessories said...

That headband is absolutely adorable. You have actually made a great choice of fabric, it's so perfect! You did such a great job! I will definitely make one for my little niece, but first? I need to wait for your tutorial. :)