Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paper Craft Wednesday

Of course, when I decide I am going to start a routine, life would happen! :)

I have been so sick since Friday. I was able to muster up some energy to get a paper craft done for today, but it's not what I had planned. 

I saw this done earlier last week and thought these would make such cute little Easter gifts for the reader in your life.

Paperclip Bookmarks! Theses are just too cute, and so super simple to make. You can even craft them while sick! :}

All you need to make these little guys is a few basic scrapbooking supplies. I used the Making Memories Garden Party line. I heart this line soooo much!

Choose a template and the paper you want to use. Trace the image on the back of the paper.

Cut the image out and embellish as desired. Attach it to co-ordinating paper. 

Cut a small piece of co-ordinating paper to attach to the bag of the bookmark. This will hide the paperclip.

Now you have an incredibly adorable and super easy-to-make bookmark! Makes a great gift! And it's perfect because you are using items you already have on hand. The cost: FREE!

These are sure to make every recipient so happy to start that new book. :)

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Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Adorable and so smart. I can never find a bookmark. I usually find a scrap of paper!