Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OJ, AJ, MK, CN...

Those would be the new nick names my son gave for our drinks. :-) 

He is also the son who, when asked what he wanted for Christmas replied, Graduated Cylinders, Volumetric Flasks and Beakers. No Lie!

He is the one who wonders why he has to have "2 goofy parents"

He is the one who has to be serious ALL the time

His favorite show is "How it's made''

His favorite color is Orange

He is currently building a "Science Lab" in his bedroom

He just turned '7'!!!  :D

I love when they pick THIS for dessert!

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Melissa said...

My serious child is now 15....great in school, loves to play the viola and just got into sports in the last two years and is now addicted to that. He is slowly learning to have more fun, smile a little more and laugh. He is also the child you put everyone's puzzles together in preschool because he wanted to get done and move onto the next thing. My other two children, very different of course. Take time to make the serious one laugh....we once threw cooked noodles at them...easy to clean up and the surprise on their face, priceless!