Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's go shopping!

I don't know how you feel about shopping, but I can't get enough of it! The thrill of finding that item I just can't live without, bringing it home, and finding the perfect place for it, well, there are no words to describe what joy it brings me!! It's true, just ask the hubs, he can certainly tell you how crazy I am!

But of course, Christmas was only a few short weeks ago and I know everyone is recovering from spending. So...

For those of you who are ready, willing, begrudgingly putting Christmas decor away and wanting to revamp and redecorate for the rest of the winter months... I have a fun, easy, and inexpensive mission for you.

Go Shopping! Around your house that is.

Go looking throughout your rooms, attic, basement, garage, shed, trunk of your car, etc. and see what you can find that would look great repurposed into something else in another room. Maybe you could swap out End tables with Night stands for a new look. Find an unused sheet or throw and use it a slipcover for a chair or loveseat. Maybe you have some old picture frames stored in your attic, get them out and frame a plate, fabric, utensils, maybe a paw print. Have any fabric just laying around? Why not embellish your curtains by adding some of that fabric to the bottom? Or maybe some fringe or ribbon to a lampshade?

With the hibernating months in full swing, I think it is important for your den too make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are stuck staring at the same four walls for the next few months, you should make sure they look good! 

So get shopping! Chances are, you'll find some great stuff!

Embellished curtains found at BHG.com

Plate arrangement from the nester
(clicking on the picture should take you there)

Ribbon embellished lampshade found at BHG.com

(great way to use up scraps of fabric)

Or create one to embellish your lampshade, like Kimba did.

Here, an old door is repurposed into beautiful wall art 

Have fun and get creative! Let me know what you come up with. I would love to see your ideas and creative ways of decorating! If there are a enough responses I will set up a Mr. Linky so that we can all see each others Brilliant ideas!

I can't wait!!

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