Friday, December 19, 2008

Gift Box Tutorial Sprinkled With An Apology

I really didn't forget about you! Things have been pretty crazy here and even as I am writing this I have an overwhelming urge to jump up and do more, because there is still so much more to do. Did you know, I haven't even sent my parent's their Christmas package... and they live in California! It will obviously get there after Christmas. Ugh! With an all handmade Christmas, I have been busier than usual. Though, I am enjoying every moment of it. 

So, as promised, I have a fun tutorial for you. This will come in handy for those special gifts you have that are just too good for any 'ol bag or box. And they will fit those magnets and pendants perfectly too! :-)

Gift Box Tutorial:

You'll need two pieces of Square paper (I used 12x12) and either a bone folder or a finger nail. If you don't have either I'm sure a willing friend can help.

Take the first piece of paper and fold it into a triangle like this 

Be sure that all creases are sharp and the lines are precise. If you are anything like me, you will make sure to take the extra half second and match your edges up perfectly because you are just anal that way. 
Open your paper, turn, and fold the other corners together so that when you open your paper you will have made an 'X'.

Now, take a corner and fold it to the center of the 'X'. Do this with all four corners. Shown below.

Now, take a corner and fold it over the line closest to the opposite corner (shown in the photo below). 

Do this with all 4 corners.

*you can click on any photo to enlarge*

You now want to fold every tip to the first line (shown below)

Do this with all 4 corners.

Now, take two opposite sides and fold the tips to the center like so,

Once you have done that you are going to fold the sides up, like so,

Now you have two sides. With the 1st square on one side you want to fold it IN diagonally as shown in the picture below.

Do this to all 4 corners so your side look like this,

You now want to fold the other sides inside to form the box (shown below)

Now you have the top to your box!

To make the lid, you will fold the next piece of paper the same way, only you want to leave a small margin to trim off. DO NOT fold the corners tip to tip. (as shown below)

Cut away that extra bit. This does not need to be precise. I think I might cut off about 1/4 inch or less. You just need it to be slightly smaller so that it will fit inside the lid.

Enjoy your Beautiful box! I use regular scrapbooking paper. But origami and cardstock will work great as well.

**I could have made 4 boxes in the time it took to write this post!**

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