Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crayons are fun again!

Ok, so they always were, I just needed a title for this post. Here is the gift I made for my sons teacher. This was so incredibly easy! 

Picture frame (w/ ugly picture) $1.50 from Thrift Store
Spray paint to make it black $0 (on hand)
Paper with printed name $0 (on hand)
Crayons to make the initial $1.65 (includes Tax)

Grand Total: $3.15 for a cute teacher gift

Of course I also gave her a few of the other handmade items. I just j=hope she likes them all. :-)

I posted the picture idea for those of you "CP's" (Christmas Procrastinators) still in need of a gift. I thought this idea would be really cute with your childs handprint and their name down the side, or a paw print or a photo of something you like doing with that person and the title down the side (or the bottom or top). The ideas are endless. I hope that this idea sparks some ideas in your wee little head. Good luck and have fun "CP" crafting! :)

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