Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm a beginner...

So, this will be my first blog entry-ever. I have perused many, drooled over some, and thought I'd try my hand at writing. My favorite blog to date is
I am not a writer, nor have I ever claimed to be. But the thought of writing grand things that people will cherish for centuries to that's a pretty cool thought. Oh I know these blog entries won't go down in history and join ranks with, say, Jane Eyre or even Harry Potter, but I do hope you come to find my entries entertaining at the very least.
I have created this blog as a place to write down my crazy daily ventures, possibly share some insight, or more closely known as: revelation revealed through temporary moments of insanity. Ya know, the kind that only comes after vegging out on a chick flick and eating a vat of chubby hubby. Those are best forms of insight, Ah.
So, please check back often as I plan to right everyday. Comments are always appreciated, I would love to get to know some of you. Until tomorrow, Have a very Blessed day!

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EK Annang said...

you are a biginer bbut hey, a brave one! I'm EK Annang. Please to meet you hey.