Friday, March 14, 2008

Beautiful Weather

This past week we have had such beautiful weather. The children have been spending every moment possible outdoors. We've gone to the park, had a picnic, gone for walks (which gave us a burning desire for a puppy) lol. My husband and children have wanted one for ages now, I was always the anti-pup. But now, I reeeeeaaly want one too. So we'll see. My husband says the only one we would get would be an Airedale. This one is pretty cute.

My MIL was visiting yesterday and they have a Westie. The the children just adore him. We went to the park yesterday and they each had fun playing with him. I was lucky enough to get the cutest picture of my daughter walking the westie. It is by far the cutest baby/dog photo I have seen. :)

Isn't her trench coat just the cutest! Ebay special, lol. So we are outdoors again today, enjoying it while it lasts. We are supposed to get rain later today and tomorrow. But hopefully, before summer gets here, we will have our new pup and many great walks in the neighborhood will be had. I am getting excited just writing about it! :D

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