Monday, September 20, 2010

Monthly Card Layout:September

I love receiving cards via snail mail! Nothing is sweeter than knowing someone took enough time to think about you and to let you know they were. 

My favorite are handmade cards {but I love just about any card}. Receiving one in the mail is like a little present, made just for you!

I thought I would do something new each month here on ODC. 

A monthly card layout. 

Once a month I will post a layout and then we can link back here with our creations! I'll post the layout one week in advance of the linkup. 

This is perfect for stocking up on your cards! I love to have several cards on hand, that way when I need one for something, I'm not racing around trying to put one together or being forced to buy one.

Here is the layout for this month. 

Remember, we'll link up in one week. I'll set up a post with Mr. Linky.

Can't wait to see your creations!!

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