Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's in a Purse?

Heather, over at Lark and Lola did a fun post today and I thought I would join in on the fun.

Ever wonder what other women carry in their purse? I do! It's like wanting to see inside someones home, it can tell you so much about them. I love seeing how people interpret a space and make it their own. Same goes with a purse. I love to see what matters most to you, that you have to carry it around on a daily basis.

Here are the contents of my purse. Yes, everything that was in my purse before the photo is displayed. My hubby has made the comment a few times that I am the only woman he has ever met with a neat purse, ALL the time. He just happens to catch it after I have cleaned it out. Lucky me. ;)

1. My fabulous purse from Etsy. this is the Twilight purse, crafted by the very person who created the one for the movie. Funny thing, I had it saved in my fav's before it made it into the movie, then I saw this purse in the movie and thought, "that's so cute, I want it". then two weeks later I was cleaning out my favs and saw I had the very purse in there from the movie. So I bought it.
2. My Kate Spade wallet that goes to my matching Kate Spade purse. I haven't found a wallet I like that matches my purse...

3. My damask camera bag for my Canon Powershot SD 780 IS Elph. This was my Christmas present. The hubs picked it out and saw the bag at Target. He thought I would love it, and he was right!
4. My Target clearance Sunglasses. I can't leave the house without these, my eyes are so sensitive.

5. My Chocolate Touch cell. Love this baby!
6. My floss, never leave home without it.
7. My yellow flower cabochon pendant. In case I need to switch necklaces.
8. My vintage swarovski earrings, in case I forget to put some on. These are so universal, they go with anything!

9. My Burt's Bees chapstick (LOVE it!) and my daughters Blistex "lipstick"
10. Clinque "Vintage Wine" lipstick. The best red color ever!
11. My Michael Kors Business card holder (with biz cards inside)

12. My keys. Yes, I am a Sox fan. Can you tell?
13. Tide to go. A must have. My children like to get messy.
14. Mini Bobbi pins for my daughter. She is constantly losing them so I keep steady supply in my purse.
15. My pen. Always have one with me.

16. Avon cuticle cream. This stuff really works.
17. A hair brush, for when we are racing out the door and I have to brush my daughters hair while we are walking into wherever we are going.
18. Two stamped crown images. They must have fallen in my purse, I don't normally keep them there. :)
19. A mini wooden spoon. For discipline. Yes, I take that with me everywhere as well. And my children know it too. :)

20. My beaded pill box. I suffer from migraines and have a near constant headache everyday, so this bad boy is essential!
21. My Estee Lauder mascara. A freebie and the perfect size for my purse. I usually have to apply on the go when we are headed to church. No matter how early I wake up, there just never seems to be enough time.

Now that you know what I carry around everyday, I'd love to see what's in your purse! Check out heathers post too, I want her weekly planner so bad!

I've shared with you, now it's time for you to reveal your contents!

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